Emily Caisip is a Brooklyn based artist. She studied Illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. After moving to New York from Los Angeles to pursue a career in editorial illustration, her interests grew to include murals, fine art and textile design. She works primarily with ink creating works intricately drawn and inspired by nature. She is also inspired by timeless artists such as Alfons Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, John Singer Sargent, John Auguste Dominique Ingres and contemporary artists James Jean, Lucian Freud, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and the list goes on. But the best inspiration comes from life, movies, music, stories told and read, etc. Her future pursuits include silkscreening which will enable her to fulfill a dream of creating wallpaper, one of her many goals as an artist. For inquiries, you can contact her at: ecaisip@hotmail.com


1998 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA - BFA with Honors - Illustration
1992 University of California, Los Angeles, CA - BA - Economics


2018 NYC Dept. of Transportation, DUMBO, NY - Front St. Mural - 8’ X 60’
2017 Genever, LA - Indoor mural, 8’ X 17’
2016 Brooklyn, NY - Indoor mural, 18’ X 25’
2015 Larchmont, NY - Indoor mural
2014 Union Republic, NJ - outdoor mural
2013 Monolayer, NY - sketches for art installation, hotel renovation in the Dominican Republic
2013 NYC Dept. of Transportation, NY - Street art, Citibike Station in Tribeca
2012 Simon & Schuster, NY - book cover for ʻ Goldenʼ  due out summer 2013
2011 West Hills Summer Camp/Montessori School, LI, NY - 12ʼ  X 22ʼ  outdoor mural
2011 Bleeding Hearts, NY - Futurist Album Release Event, installation
2011 Racing Heart, NY - CD cover
2010 Cara Lewis, NY - commissioned paintings
2010 Chelsea Museum, NY - Installation, Lindsay Jones Solo Show
2010 Kayamanan Ng Lahi, Los Angeles, CA - 20th Anniversary Logo
2008 Just Terraces, NY - 12' X 20' mural for office
2008 Foam Magazine - background illustration for a crossword puzzle
2003 Maple Street School, Brooklyn, NY - mural for lobby
2002 Ogilvy & Mather, NY - storyboards for a beer ad
2002 Groundswell Mural Project, Brooklyn, NY - consultant for mural projects
2002 Greenspace Garden, Brooklyn, NY - mural collaboration, 'Soledago'
1999 New York Times Book Review, NY - Illustration for Gunter Grass' novel 'My Century'
1998 Harper's Magazine, NY - Illustration for article on Alexander Hamilton


2012 Runner & Stone, Brooklyn, NY - ʻR&Sʼ 
2005 M1-5 Gallery, NY - 'Love Deluxe'
2003 Happy Ending, NY - 'Lucia'
2003 Superfine, D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn, NY - 'Floating'
2003 Cafe bAr, NY - ʻ Gustavʼ s Dreamʼ
2002 Bliss Cafe, Brooklyn, NY - ʻ Reverieʼ
2002 Doghouse Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - 'Soledad'


2011 Art-bridge, NY - outdoor exhibit, Barclayʼ s Center
2011 Mighty Tieton Gallery, WA - ʻ 10X10X10ʼ
2010 Art-bridge, NY - outdoor exhibit, London Terraces
2010 Mighty Tieton Gallery, WA - ʻ 10X10X10ʼ
2009 Milk Galler, NY - Stoked Mentoring, 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'
2008 Michaela Gallery, SF - 'Where Do We Go From Here'
2008 Black Spider Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - ʻ Day of the Deadʼ
2007 University of San Francisco, Thacher Gallery, SF - 'Melancolony and Hedonopolis'
2007 Remy's on Temple Gallery, CA - 'Overmapped' Traveling Exhibit
2007 SOMARTS Main Gallery, SF - 'Overmapped'
2006 Sweet & Vicious, NY - 'So Much Water So Close To Home'
2006 M1-5 Gallery, NY - 'Cinco De Mayo'
2006 M1-5 Gallery, NY - 'Hustlenomics'
2003 Enlaces Gallery, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - 'Fortunate Fool'
2003 Carlos Irizarry Gallery, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - 'Ignite'
2003 Here Art Gallery, NY - 'Eccentric Concentric'


1998 Society of Illustrator's - Honorable Mention, Student Competition
1997 Art Center 100 Scholarship